Relocation Service / Moving Assistance

Are you moving into an aged-care home? Do you need a relocation service?

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Moving is considered one of the most stressful events in one’s life. It is even more difficult if you are older and don’t have the energy you used to. It can also be difficult to contemplate downsizing, which is inevitable if you are moving into an aged-care home.

However, moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you have the right people to assist you. That is why we offer our clients a relocation assistance service.

How can we help you with your move?

In order to make your move easier, we can assist with:

  • establishing what you are going to need in your new home
  • helping you sort furniture and personal items
  • distributing items to family members or charities
  • packing
  • booking and supervising removalists
  • organising storage
  • rubbish removal and cleaning
  • unpacking
  • notifying family, friends, health professionals and government departments about your change of address
  • setting up your new home just how you like it, with furniture, books, pictures, whitegoods, and a kettle, tea, coffee and biscuits
  • digitising family photos and personal records for safekeeping or distribution to family members.

How can we help you, or someone you care about, settle in?

One of the most difficult aspects of moving into an aged-care home is adjusting to the new environment. After all, you are suddenly living in a communal domain and surrounded by strangers. You are also faced with a different routine, and have to get used to other people doing everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and the laundry, for you.

We tend to become fond of our clients, so don’t be surprised if, after you move, we pop in to say hello and check how things are going.

We also offer a more formal service, where we can check up on our clients on an ongoing and regular basis. You may also want us to deal with any ongoing issues that may arise.

Do you need assistance in finding the right aged-care solution for your particular situation? Are you interested in a more personalised service? Would you like to chat about your options with someone understands the aged-care system? If so, call Bina on +61 (0)418 651 330.