Leave your affairs in order

Leaving your affairs in order is a gift to those left behind.

Keeping the following information in one folder that holds all the relevant documents and/or information will assist the executor and family to carry out your wishes in a timely way.

Note: Remember to make sure that family and executors know where the folder is!

  • Ownership Structure: If your affairs involve any complexity, consult with your accountant &/or solicitor to make sure that your asset ownership structure is properly adapted to your estate planning wishes.
  • Wills: Consult with a reputable solicitor to have these done, and make sure they are kept up to date. Keep copies.
  • Power of Attorney & Guardianship: for you and your children.
  • Organ Donor Documentation: As applicable
  • Curriculum Vitae: Keep on file to assist with eulogies, etc.
  • Marriage & Birth Certificates: Keep on file to assist executors
  • Legal Agreements: Keep copies, or at least note their location
  • Insurance Policies: documentation for life, health & other insurance policies.
  • Superannuation Interests: Documentation of super policies held, or location of these.
  • Special photographs, papers etc: For distribution or use by the right people
  • Messages, letters or explanations: Might be for particular people
  • Personal Details & Information List: Might include passwords to various accounts, memberships etc
  • Funeral arrangements: any prepaid or preferred funeral requests including songs

Source: Things to do now before you die: An information guide to wills & family protection

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