Why Us?

Why should you talk to Third Age Matters about aged care?


The importance of making the right aged-care choice

There is nothing worse than moving yourself, or someone you care about, into residential aged-care home and discovering soon after that you’ve made the wrong choice.

Third Age Matters can help you avoid this scenario by ensuring the option you choose is the right one for you.

Are you looking for an aged-care facility in Canberra or on the South Coast of NSW?

We are  an independent aged-care placement service based in Canberra and the South Coast of NSW. Although we are familiar with the residential aged care options in the region, we are not affiliated with any of them. This means you can benefit from our local knowledge while being sure that we are not an agency helping retirement villages to sell units or homes to fill beds. Instead, our sole objective is to find the right place for you with the least amount of stress.

Are you seeking an aged-care placement service that is caring, compassionate and treats you like an individual?

At Third Age Matters, we believe the transition into aged care should be handled sensitively and that everyone is treated with respect. Most importantly, we understand everyone is different. This means we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to aged care. We understand that a solution that might be perfect for one person might be quite unacceptable to another. So, if you come to us, you can be sure that we are interested in what you want and will work hard to come up with the best possible option for your circumstances.

Are you overwhelmed by the complicated and confusing aged-care system and getting your DAPs confused with your RADs? Are you concerned about the financial implications?

You are not alone. The aged-care system in Australia baffles most people, especially since it has shifted to a user-pays model. The application process is proving to be very complicated, often requiring liaison with a number of government departments. This can be time consuming at a point when decisions have to be made swiftly.

You also need to be aware that when assessing an aged-care option, you must consider not only medical issues but also the financial and legal aspects. As a result, it may be prudent to seek independent professional advice before you make a decision.

We can save you time, stress and money by managing the application process; you can relax, knowing all the steps have been completed. If we believe you will benefit from seeking expert financial or legal advice, we will tell you and, if you wish, can provide you with a list of reputable professionals who specialise in aged care.

Are you looking for someone who can manage the entire process?

Third Age Matters is different, because we don’t just operate as an aged-care placement service; we understand that there is more to moving into residential aged care than finding a suitable place. For this reason, we also offer a relocation service. This means that we don’t just help you find the right spot but help to take the pain out of moving by ensuring that the process runs smoothly. Finally, we can set you up in your new home and help you settle in.

Do you need help to find the right aged-care solution for your particular situation? Are you interested in a more personalised service? Would you like to discuss your options with someone who understands the aged-care system? If so, call Bina on 0418 651 330.