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Aged care assessments wrong

Six months into a new means testing process for individuals entering aged care, only one in five people are being given correct information about their income and assets. Getting it wrong means that some people are being asked to pay an amount of money for care that they don’t have, while others who can afford

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Navigating the aged care maze

The following article first appeared in the Australian Financial Review: Deirdre Border knew it was time to talk to her 84-year-old mother, Margaret, about stepping up her care needs when she arrived to find the water to her home had been cut off. What Deirdre hadn’t realised was that Margaret had unpaid utility bills going

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Happily looking for an aged-care solution

It is always distressing to hear stories about older Australians being placed into residential aged care against their will. Often they are too frail to remain in their own home without care 24/7 and so residential care is deemed by family to be the obvious, safest option. So it was lovely to speak to a

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