Meet Us

Meet Bina Brown, director, Third Age Matters


Why did you set up Third Age Matters?

There are a few reasons.

My interest in aged care comes from personal experience. I am at the age when you see your parents and their friends and relatives, face the realities of getting older. A few years ago, my father became gravely ill. His prognosis wasn’t good. We’re a close family and the situation was heartbreaking for everyone. Understandably, our priority was to provide him with the best possible care. This was the first time I was faced with having to navigate the care system in Australia. It isn’t easy, especially when you’re distressed by what is happening to someone you care about. I want to make it easier for others facing similar circumstances.

As a finance journalist for The Australian, The Financial Review, The Sun Herald and The Sunday Age I regularly researched and wrote extensively about the legislative changes affecting the aged-care sector to inform families about the issues associated with aged-care facilities  and  home-care services.

I saw a need for an independent aged-care placement service in Canberra and on the South Coast to meet the growing demand for people who need information and help with aged-care issues. Third Age Matters responds to that need by providing a customised placement service for families considering the options available to meet their particular circumstances.

My goal is to help people navigate the system at the same time as writing about what is going on in aged care to help demystify it and hopefully join others in raising the standards.

Why the fish images?

The image of fish and the use of the koi in the logo were chosen for positive reasons.
We wanted to get away from the typical aged care website that depicts middle-aged people patting old people on the head in a patronising manner.
We wanted to explore the theme of isolation and loneliness. More specifically, the movement of the fish in the images is intended to symbolise that the right aged-care solution for an individual can solve those kinds of challenges.
Finally, many of the attributes of fish, and specifically koi which I use on my logo, symbolize several lessons and even trials individuals often encounter in life. The koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and even travel upstream. Some of the characteristics associated with the koi include: Good fortune; Success; Prosperity; Longevity; Courage; Ambition and Perseverance.
As one of my clients said recently, “getting old is not for the faint hearted”.

Why should people choose Third Age Matters?

Third Age Matters can help the older person and their family to understand their options and provide support for talking about what may be a very sensitive issue.

The transition to aged care causes great stress and heartache for the person who can no longer live independently and their families. Family members are often put through the emotional wringer when they are faced with someone they love no longer being able live on their own. The older person may be reluctant to accept help or to move into residential aged care and may want to talk to someone who will listen to their fears and concerns.

How will Third Age Matters help?

Third Age Matters provides families with accurate, up-to-date information independent information on aged care options.

Bina is an Accredited Aged Care Professional who works with a licensed financial adviser specialising in aged care.

If you are busy working and faced with the situation that a parent or elderly relative can no longer cope with everyday living, you may not have the time to do the research and handle the administrative side of things, as well as provide the necessary emotional support.

If you are a carer, you may no longer be able to meet your family member’s health needs. You may need to take advantage of respite care, or if the situation is more serious, look for a longer-term solution. We can help by talking you through the situation and coming up with some realistic options.

It may be that you live interstate or overseas, you might not be able to check the suitability of available aged care facilities.

No matter which option we choose, we all want a caring and compassionate service, dedicated to preserving the older person’s dignity.

Do you need help in finding the right aged-care solution for your particular situation? Are you interested in a more personalised service? Would you like to talk through your options with someone who understands the aged-care system? If so, call Bina on 0418 651 330.