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When greedy family members diminish quality of life

The attitude people have towards mum’s or dad’s money can get in the way of older Australians receiving the care they need in their last years. Family members may say they are happy to throw whatever resources they have to keep loved ones at home or in the aged care home of their choice. But

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How partners lose out in aged care move

For many self-funded retirees who have never interacted with Centrelink, a move into aged care is the point where they learn ‘what’s yours is mine’ and vice versa. It’s a tough time to be entering residential aged care, but for some people there is little or no choice. Caring for someone at home 24/7 under

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Happily looking for an aged-care solution

It is always distressing to hear stories about older Australians being placed into residential aged care against their will. Often they are too frail to remain in their own home without care 24/7 and so residential care is deemed by family to be the obvious, safest option. So it was lovely to speak to a

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